Along with printing and binding, indexing is a main manufaturing process for Bible and dictionary publishing. Precisely indexed attractive book provides a convenient mechanism for readers to find phrases with greater ease.

  Among all existing indexing methods, the Thumb Indexing is considered as the most sophisticated method. It exposes tabs through evenly spaced, punched semicircular grooves along the side of the book.

  A book that requires a means of finding different phrases or chapters with ease should implement Thumb Indexing. However, due to an expensive cost and sophisticated skills requirement, the Thumb Indexing is not employed on all books. Thus, most publishing companies selectively implement the procedure on limited edintions only.

Since each inividual book has specific needs, Nudea customized to each publisher's need to meet the thumb indexing criteria.

Left or right hand based indexing
Number of row per book (usually 1 to 3)
Number of thumb tabs per row (usually 6 to 12)
Exact letters on each tabs based on fonts and language preference
Shape and size of each tab customized to the book size
Color of each tab match the binder color

Once the customized thumb index layout is fabricated for the book, the sample prototype book will be produced and sent to the publisher for final approval prior to full-scale production.

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